The Painting

I thought we both would paint a picture together
but pushing me away, you filled it only with your color
Now that I can’t even see my sketches
I tore the canvas down to pieces

You cried and cried for the painting
but I didn’t even stop you from weeping
as I wanted you to begin with a new one
but the world thought I was the evil one

Now I have burned all canvas pieces
and blown away dust and the ashes
you see me walking away with evil eyes
but trust me I’m not a devil, it’s a heavy disguise

You created a fresh painting with someone other
because you both hold a brush with the same color
I’ve also found someone who is equally willing
that one is with me and we are starting the painting

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The Tough One

They put him under grueling strain
Happy to seem him in so much pain
But the tough one won’t let it go in vain
As he knows for sure, this is how we gain

They take away everything he possesses
Willing to see how he regresses
But the tough one knows his prowess
And obviously, he isn’t spineless

They strike him and hurt to the core
Wishing to see him cry and implore
But here comes the tough one’s roar
“That’s all you can hurt? Better hurt some more”

When their time comes and they fall
Fell flat on the face and can’t even crawl
But now the tough one raises them all
As he knows for sure, he is above all

He asked,”This is how a tough one is portrayed
Did you get whatever I said?”

I answered, “You are a tough one”
He smiled and said, “You are like me, my son”

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If you just…

To me, people may not be always true
but I have chosen to be with few
and if you just be the genuine you
maybe I’ll start liking you

I’ve seen people complain they can’t do
but I’ve dared and shown them how to
and if you just teach me something new
surely I’ll start respecting you

I’ve seen people move far away
because they can’t face the bitter truth I say
and if you just say,”I’ll listen to you”
truly I’ll start loving you

Now that I’ve learned, people don’t matter
I’m sure, all alone, I’m so much better
but if you prove, “I exist for you”
then definitely, I’ll spend rest of my life with you.

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The Dark Knight


“You are garbage who kills for money!” I shouted at the joker.

“Don’t talk like you are one of them, you are not, even if you think you are! To them, you are just a wild dog who is trying to take the wolves down. They need you right now, but when they don’t, they will put you down like a lab dog. You see the people around you, they are all part of a system, and they do what system expects them to do. Their moral, their code, they are all part of the system defined by the people like themselves. They are the people who like to believe they are invincible and are prepared for everything. But what happens when things don’t go according to the plan? Everybody panics, because they don’t know what to do and the whole thing becomes chaos. Then some people identify the vulnerability of the system and attack it and some try to protect it. Some people like you and me.”

“Don’t include me with you. You don’t have any rules and I have rules and I always follow them”

“Oh! You created your own rules because you are out of the system for the mob and you are trying to beat the criminals to pulp because their code fails to do. You are helping them out putting criminals behind the bar with your own methods; you are trying to become a vigilante; but let me tell you, a vigilante is just a person who tries to lessen crime for his own contentment and he doesn’t follow the rules of the system which makes him an outside threat.”

“I am not being a vigilante or anything else, I am trying to show the people what should be the ideal. I always want to show them what is good for them”

“Then you are trying to become a hero, a hero with all the values kept to the best.  Oh wait; you can’t be the ideal for the people. Again people have their predefined image of a hero; to them a hero is someone who will do everything right according to them.  To them, a hero will be the ideal follower of their own value system which itself is flawed but they are not aware of it. They will praise you when you are into their system but when you don’t they will hunt you. You think people will always believe in you or they would stand for you because at some point of time you have saved them? You think those lives are worth saving? ”

“There are still people ready to believe in good, people who can stand for what is good”

“They are only as good as their system allows them to be, when their ideals have fallen down, they will fall down. The only sensible way to live in this world is without morals, without code, random, unbiased.”

The joker was trying to trick my mind. I left him handcuffed in the cell and walked out of the Gordon’s cell and stepped on my batpod and speeded up to vanish in the darkness.

He is just a mad man who just wants to watch the people tear themselves apart through chaos and fear. Whatever he told was right, I am not part of the legal system. He is true about me being a person who tries to find contentment in locking the criminals up but I am doing this for people of Gotham. I have broken a legal system often but that’s what needed to be done. I am a hero but not the white knight. Sometimes I need to be the one who needs to take up the blames for the crimes I have not done because it isn’t always about who should be blamed and credited for. Sometimes that is the hardest choice but the right choice. I can make the right choice, people will hate me for it, but I can take it because that’s the point of being the dark knight.

This blog post is inspired from the joker interrogation scene in the movie Christopher Nolan’s epic “The Dark Knight”. I have used some of the original dialogues directly to pull the readers into the context. The credit for original dialogues goes to the original scriptwriters of the movie.

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The internal initiator

“ Bhai, I told you, I’m definitely going to the gym and do vigorous exercise from tomorrow; you’ll see me lean and fit within a span of 3 months, powerful, muscular , strong body, much better than it is as of now.”

This was the statement my friend and me have made to each other repeatedly since last two years; we have both tried to do the same individually and worked out for a few days only to find ourselves discontinuing the routine for dismal reasons, obviously not getting any results out of it. As we couldn’t continue with it individually, we decided to work together.

The routine re-started, now this time forcing each other to exercise, for every single day I was reluctant to get up early in the morning and workout, he used to come home forcibly wake me up and continue with the routine and vice versa.  This thing went on quite well and we both were disciplined enough to follow it daily.

We both had the will to work out, but the implementation continued because one person was pushing the other and likewise. But what if my friend isn’t going to work out with me from now on, or what if he doesn’t want to push me for harder, or what if I don’t want to force him? What happens then? We fall back to what we were before, still with the will, still with plans, still with action, but irregularity just because we won’t have the external initiator?

Most of the times its like this only, we know very well what we want to do, we know very well how we are going to accomplish the task, there is a plan of action and there is a schedule also. We are always willing and prepared to do it, but we need some external entity to tell us what we must do.

We are waiting for some external initiator to show us what we already know. Some external entity that we feel is the best motivation we could ever get. Something that forces us to continue with the plan of action; and over the time, we give more importance to the external forces that drive us to act over our internal instincts. We give more power to the outside world than our thoughts because at some point of time we were benefited from it; and now after a while we have completely influenced by the circumstances that we become dependent upon them. Now without it, we do not feel complete and we do not possess the willingness to act. At the end we have already believed that all the motivation, all the strength and all the courage was external and now there is no external initiator, we cannot start on our own.

We must not forget the original thought was within us only. It was only us who had initiated the process from within. It was only us who felt the desire and started the plan of action towards the accomplishment. External entities helped only to keep up with it and although it is the most important part of the process, it does not happen without the initiation process, and the initiation was never from outside, it was always inside and we must always believe the same thing.

Outside motivation is just an upholder, the only ignition is the internal initiator.

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Faces of masks

Over the last few years, I have developed a habit of observing people’s nature carefully. I have observed the way they talk, the way they move, the way they communicate, the way their personality conveys something.

There is some person who seems so simple, so decent that it draws people’s attention. That person seems to be an exemplification of how human beings should behave and carry themselves.  He creates a profound impression on the society for the personality it emanates. The person is intellectual, smart, well behaved and virtuous; until some inevitable events occur to tear him down to his true character that was exactly opposite to what he had always portrayed before the world. Clearly, he was wearing a mask, the face that he wanted to be but couldn’t be or dare to be.

As I was thinking of him, I wondered why he wanted the world to see something he is not. Maybe he wanted to hide something that he thought was not appreciated by the society. Maybe he knew he has been ethically wrong and he couldn’t accept it before the world. Maybe he could not accept it himself; so he wears a mask of a generosity and innocence to fool the world and to fool himself.

And I have seen men who are devastated inside but tranquil outside. I have seen men who stood tall against all odds and lived by their values. I have seen men who took the fall for someone else’s mistakes. Men who have tolerated beyond endurance, men who made some choice they could never afford to do to protect the simple truth. I have seen men who have learned to suppress their anger behind their smile. Men who have always prioritized values over their personal losses.

I observed a common thing here. All types of people wear a mask, some wear because they want to hide their true character from the world and some men want to become something else entirely. These men are not concerned about what they should be defined as, but they are more concerned about what they should define for the world.

Even these masks had some purpose; they defined the faces of people they did not possess.  Some men used the mask to hide what they are and some used the mask to create what they should be and how the world should be.

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I had a dream…

“ KILL THEM ALL!!! ” I roared, as my troops kept pushing through the battlefield.   We kept taking enemies out one by one.  Our bullets aimed at their hearts piercing through it and reducing them to mere a mass of blood, flesh and bones.  Furiously fighting, walking over the dead enemies, we kept pushing the enemy across the line. Enemy troops kept falling back as we destroyed everyone in the path.

“ENEMY IS PULLING BACK, HURRAHHHH !!!” I screamed and looked at the contented faces of my troops.  I smiled at my friend and he smiled back raising his two fingers as a sign of victory.

The next moment, I saw him on the ground, someone had put a bullet straight through his head, and he was down. A moment before; he was a victorious brave soldier and now just the dead flesh. I looked at his corpse in agony. All comrades still unaware of the fact that one of their mate is dead, I looked up to them just to see a horrifying sight, a single bullet aimed each one of them, they were falling down.

Enemy sniper team had attacked us, those ghostly warriors; they can sense the slightest movement and put bullets through your head at the very next moment. We can’t see their well camouflaged bodies, but they can easily hunt us down.  I remained in the bunkers as I knew quite well; if I stand up, I’m dead and I can do nothing about it.

Devastated inside, and trapped in the bunker, I didn’t have many choices, I had to kill them. I had to finish what I was supposed to do.

Slowly the sun set down and darkness embraced the battlefield, making it tougher for me to track those hunters and take them down; still I kept my calm and was thinking how to get out of this situation.  There was a way, to show a prey to the hunter, track his location, and take him down.  I used one of my friend’s corpses as a distraction. It was so ruthless and heartless of me to put his body in the line of fire just to track enemy location; to trace the path of the next bullet to be fired. That was the only way out.

As expected, enemy sniper shot at the corpse and I could notice a slight flash of light at a long distance. At the same instance, I locked, loaded and fired the bullet, I heard a scream. One sniper was down. Being aware that my flash will also be seen, I had to move as fast as I could, but I couldn’t. A bullet zeroed in, breaking my shoulder bone. Still conscious, I took the shot, another one was down. Blood was dripping out through the shoulder. My vision was fainting. I closed my eyes.

I woke up from sleep soaked in sweat. I just wandered what could be cause of this dream? I had heard that dreams tend to tell us something. Dream is the connecting medium between subconscious and the conscious mind. I just kept pondering over it and finally got a message from it.

Our life is like that. We may be cruising through the journey of life but we never know when things can turn upside down. Things can get a lot worse than we have ever thought of.  Sometimes no one can be with you. You are all alone to do what you are supposed to do. Sometimes there is darkness all over the world. Sometimes, you have to make the choices you never want to make to set the things right. You never know what comes ahead; you never know how many problems, how many troubles are waiting for you. You will have to overcome them one by one. Sometimes there is darkness all over the world. There is nothing left to see. Sometimes you won’t have the right tools at the right place.

Every time these circumstances are around, we just need to be patient. We just need to keep calm; we just need to be focused on the solution and not the problem. Sometimes, the darkness can also be a blessing because the flash of light can only be seen in darkness.  We have to decide whether we should follow it or sit there in the darkness. We have to decide whether we want to bring the change or just wait for things to happen.

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